Sunday, November 4, 2012

Since I've been gone...

Well so much has happened. But first I have to get something out there.
I miss blogging.
I mean I really miss blogging.
I used to,over on xanga,blog daily..sometimes a few times a day.
But with Facebook, the community I was a part of there,quickly got smaller.
People abandoned their blogs.
I joined them..on Facebook..and been there ever since.
But I love, and miss, blogging.
So here is an attempt to get back on  the path of blogging.
So much has happened.
I left the retail world..shortly after becoming store manager.
I missed so much working nights and weekends.
I'm now back in the medical field..and I love it.
Another thing that happened. I lost my dad 2 months ago.
It was sudden. He was only 69. We are on the mend, but it's a long,tough road.
Holidays are coming..will be tough.
We also had to put down our family dog,Bear.
She was such a sweet girl..really attached to both me and my dad.
She was having trouble with her back legs,not able to walk,etc.
Couldn't hear..and barely could see.
Slept all day.
I also started low carb, again (lol), today.
So far so struggle is we don't really stop to eat at I have to have a lot of things
I can graze on all day.
Today for lunch, I used my mandolin to make zucchini noodles and stirred in some jarred alfredo sauce and cut up a few slices of turkey kilbasa.
I have cauliflower in the crock pot getting nice and soft and that will be a few servings of mashed "potatoes". I will make some  tuna patties and burgers. There will be lunch and dinner a few meals this week.
Haven't really been stitching..I did finish the bottom right page of the fairy
and have started on the bottom left but haven't taken a picture of that..
I will try to get here daily to blog..and also grow my friends list here.
I plan on blogging about food,stitching,low carb/diet, and..well..everything.
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  1. Welcome back to the land of the blogging:) Hope to see lots more updates.