Friday, November 16, 2012

New addition to my rotation...

I really don't need to add another big project into my rotation..but with this..I just had to!'s the story.
I went to plug my phone into the my bedroom, on a short shelf that I have next to my bed.
On that shelf all of my cross stitch supplies.
So when I went to plug in my phone, the cord caught the corner of my stack of leaflets and they all fell out..with this design on top..facing up..
So I instantly remembered I had this..and how cute it was..
Now I told myself..don't start anything new.
But the stitcher in me said, "Ok..if I have all the colors and fabric in my stash..I can kit it up..and work on it when I can"
Well...the stash hoarder I am, of course, had all the supplies needed.
So I kitted it up.
Now how cute is this and I had to right???
I thought so too!

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