Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A day in the life...

Had today off..the next few days I'll be home late from work and some of those days I close,
getting home around 10pm.
So on my day off I decided to cook a few meals.

I made buscuit pizzas for lunch,making my own red sauce.
 I saved half of that sauce for spaghetti later in the week.
Made drop buscuits in my babycakes.

I also browned ground turkey,adding in taco seasoning.
Half for tacos tonight, the other half will be frozen for quesadillas later in the week.
Spanish rice and corn as sides for both.

I have a few chicken breasts with a marinade in the crock pot..two dinners worth.
cheesey broccoli and some fruit as sides with one, mac n cheese and salad for the other.

I'll have off mid next week to cook a few more dinners...

Now I'm here blogging then later I'll figure out what I'm stitching.