Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Has it really been 4 months?!?

Since my last blog? wow. I used to be an every day blogger..or several times a day blogger more like it.
I've been so busy with my job and trying to keep up with the domestic stuff that I've been bad at getting here.
Well that and the fact I can quickly sum up my thoughts with a short and sweet facebook status.

I know...I used to really enjoy blogging when I was over at xanga.com. I had lots of subs and met a lot of wonderful people. I started my xanga blog about 15years ago and still are friends on facebook with them to this day.

I do plan on getting here more often though as most have moved on from xanga and use facebook. But I love blogging. Even if no one reads it.

I have made progress on my stitching. I have baked some. I've had lots of stuff I thought about coming here to blog but just didn't make it that far. Habit of sitting down to the computer and as soon as the internet loads, Facebook is my homepage. I get lost in all the shared photos, games,etc.

I do promise, since I don't go into work until late tomorrow..that once the kids are off to school and I have refilled my coffee mug, I will get here with photos of updates that I have posted on facebook to get everyone (not like anyone reads this blog yet because well mainly I haven't been out there networking) caught up from my last blog (August 17th, yikes!) until now.

Until then, I'm off to watch my recorded episode of Dexter and then get to bed.

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